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Common causes of toothaches in Roseville

Part of the common human experience is how everyone feels when they get a toothache. It’s something that is nearly inevitable at some point, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer because of it. At the office of Beatriz Galore, DDS, you can expect prompt and effective treatment for your Roseville toothache.

The simplest cause of one is a cavity or a filling for a previous cavity that has loosened or fallen out. All it requires is that our dentist places a new filling. This is done in the course of a single visit. You’ll be numbed with local anesthesia first, though some patients find they don’t even need that. Another common cause of a Roseville toothache is when a chip or crack is sustained in your tooth. Typically, two trips to our office is needed for a crown, but now thanks to advanced technology, we also offer single visit crowns, making them as simple as getting a filling. No matter what, you don’t want to ignore tooth pain. What may have begun as something simple can more quickly than you realize become complicated. Your Roseville toothache means that your inner tooth is exposed. And if bacterial infection were to take hold, not only will your pain possibly become a lot worse, but you will need root canal therapy to treat it. That creates a bad news/good news situation. The bad news is that no one wants to have a procedure done if it can be avoided, even if that procedure is non-surgical like root canal. On the positive side, however, we can assure you that thanks to the technology that is available today, root canal is basically comfortable, with the vast majority of patients reporting very little to no pain at all.

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