Rocklin Emergency Dentist

Rocklin Emergency Dentist

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Dental Emergencies in Rocklin

How bad is your toothache? If it’s severe, you may find it difficult or impossible to work or do anything else with the focus it deserves. But even a mild toothache requires prompt attention from our Rocklin emergency dentist, Beatriz Galofre, DDS. Count on our office to see you in a timely fashion.

The reason that you should not ignore or postpone treatment for a toothache, including those that don’t see to be urgent, is because the problems that are behind the toothache are likely to grow worse, making the treatment required unnecessarily complex in some cases, and rendering your tooth unable to be saved in others. You most certainly do not want to risk the loss of your tooth if it can possibly be helped. You’ll be left with empty space that mars your smile. Furthermore, your other teeth can shift, leading to misaligned jaws and potential discomfort. Chewing can also become less efficient, especially if the tooth in question is a back one. Why take chances? Sooner or later, you will need to see our Rocklin emergency dentist, so make it sooner. Upon examination and the taking of x-rays, a determination of treatment will be made. This can be a filling, a dental crown, or root canal therapy. In any instance, our Rocklin emergency dentist can assure you of expert care done gently. Even with root canal, you’ll find that you experience very little to no discomfort at all, thanks to the advanced methods and equipment that are used here.

With timely attention and proper care, you can look forward to the relief of your toothache, as well as the restoration of the tooth to its optimal level of health and strength. Listen to your body. It knows what’s important, so when you have tooth pain, contact our office right way to schedule an immediate visit.

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