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Preventive Care in Rocklin

Even those who claim to not have time for preventive care always have time for treatment when a toothache or other problem arises. So why not make that time now? Just a few minutes per day at home, and two visits per year to the office of Beatriz Galofre, DDS are all it takes to give your teeth and gums the best chance to remain strong and healthy now and in the future.

Dental plaque is at the center of both cavities and gum disease. The progression works like this: sugar and starch in your diet spurs the formation of the filmy bacteria called dental plaque, which then sets about eroding your tooth enamel and irritating your gums. Twice-daily brushing and once per day flossing combine to remove most of the plaque you have, but whatever stays out of reach hardens into tartar. Cavities follow. Those cavities get bigger, and soon you find yourself in our Rocklin dental office for treatment of a toothache or infection. You might need root canal or even a tooth extraction. As for your gums, irritation and redness give way to inflammation, infection, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Along with your brushing and flossing, be sure to schedule your visit to our Rocklin dental office once per six months so that you can get a dental cleaning that eliminates tartar buildup and reverses the effects of early stage gum disease. And if you have any cavities, getting them filled promptly means that you’re preventing further decay of your tooth and the consequences that come along with it.

Make your appointment right now. Reach out to our Rocklin dental office and we will book a convenient time for you. Be proactive to optimize the wellness of your teeth and gums.

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