Dentist in Roseville CA

Dentist in Roseville CA

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Dental plaque in Roseville CA

It’s important that people of all ages protect the health of their teeth and gums. One of the biggest culprits of decay and disease is plaque buildup. Plaque can lead to a number of different dental conditions and other concerns, including decay and disease as mentioned above. The best way to protect yourself from these issues is to prevent them from occurring, but receiving the right care is also essential. With the help of our dentist in Roseville CA, Beatriz Galofre, DDS, you can receive comprehensive dental care whether you are coming in for a professional dental cleaning or if you have a particular dental concern that needs medical attention.

In general, everyone should see the dentist twice a year for a routine exam and cleaning. An exam can help look out for early signs of tooth decay or gum disease, especially if the conditions are in their earlier stages and have yet to exhibit any obvious symptoms. Additionally, routine exams are equipped with professional cleanings that are aimed at getting rid of excess plaque and bacteria that you may not be able to reach on your own with the use of an everyday toothbrush. As important as it is for you to maintain your oral hygiene on a daily basis by brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, there is still more that your dentist can provide for you on a biannual basis. Professional cleanings with Beatriz Galofre, DDS are thorough but gentle, and can help reduce your risk for decay and disease significantly. If you have a dental problem, such as a cavity, our dentist in Roseville CA can provide you with the procedure you need whether it be a dental filling, tooth extraction, or something else.

Beatriz Galofre, DDS can provide patients with a number of different procedures and with the preventative care that they need every year. To book an appointment with our dentist in Roseville CA, all you have to do is call our offices and set up your next dental visit.

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