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Dental Implants Roseville

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Implants in Roseville


Dental Implants Roseville
Dental Implants Roseville

Dental implants Roseville are a great way to replace missing teeth with new technology. At the offices of Beatriz Galofre, DDS, we offer dental implants to patients who need them in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. If you are candidate for dental implants, we will begin the procedure with you and explain everything in detail before the actual process is done.

Ask about our specials that we carry as well. As of right now we are offering a cleaning, X-rays and exam for only $75. This is a great deal, and we believe that all patients should have access to Quality Dental Care in an affordable manner. It’s important that all patients have good dental care to keep their teeth healthy and in working order for a long time. Besides dental implants Roseville, one of our other services include using the Epic laser treatment. This is a diode laser that is used for periodontal care. Periodontitis is prevalent in many Americans, and starts when bacteria gets trapped in between teeth and then underneath the gum line. The bacteria hides there and causes tooth tooth decay and periodontal issues. It can eventually cause infection, which requires a periodontal cleaning and gum maintenance so that gums can be restored to a healthier state.

The Epic laser treatment can be used to stop the progress of periodontal disease. It reduces the bacteria, and keeps it reduce for up to 6 weeks. Under the gums there are Deep Pockets, and if the bacteria gets in there it can be really hard to get it out with just brushing and flossing. Our laser can get inside the pocket and reduce the bacteria, improving circulation and reducing inflammation. So for the best in periodontal cleaning, dental implants Roseville, and more, call our offices today.

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